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We believe in preserving the traditions of the Appalachian Craftsmen that are still to this day true artists. We make functional artwork in the true spirit of the Southern Appalachian Craftsmen that can be a worker or a showpiece.

Pictured on the right is my grandfather

If only these hills and hollars could talk........the stories they could tell.  I have heard some amazing stories of bootleggers and shiners from a stones throw from my door.  From my fathers stories, my mothers and grandparents as well all amazing and true.


  Our family has owned a sawmill since 1906 and my father as well as many others in the community worked there in the over 100 years its been in operation.  Many stories have came from there and  the people of the community.  Every hollar had a still up it and some still do to this day.  As the song says "You better stay away from Copperhead Road"  (its a real road actually and its about 25 miles from me, as the crow flies of course), there are still places this holds true.  My Great Grandfathers on both sides worked with the revenuers and the sheriffs, other family members were on the other side of the law.  So it makes for some interesting stories.

  Once a man came to the sawmill where my Great Grandfather owned and saw a nearly new axe hanging up, he asked my Great Grandfather about it saying "where did you get that axe? that's my new axe"  My great grandfather responded "that came from that still we busted up the other day"  the man replied "oh no, that's not mine, it looked just like mine" . my Great Grandfather laughed and went back to work.  

  Stories like this have shaped me and are part of my heritage.  Appalachian Still building is a dying art, we want to continue that art and preserve that tradition.

True craftsmen have for years been making copper stills from whatever materials they could scavenge and making truly amazing functional works of art.  It is a dying breed, many don't see the importance that these old mountain craftsmen have made on our country and each of us.  We continue that tradition and also added a few modern methods and we don't have to scavenge our materials, so we can make a true Appalachian still like no other.  We want to build you something that you can be proud of as can we,  and is a part of our heritage and a part of us.


  Taking pride in your work is a quality that true Appalachian people hold strongly and dearly, we try to show it in our work, our stills are something you can hand down, pass on for generations and know you have something really Authentic that was hand built just for you, not mass produced, built in the



Cold Springs Copper Works

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