15 Gallon Traditional style BURNER unit, 4.2 gallon Thumper, 4.7 Gallon Worm Bucket

4" triclamp MODULAR HEAD

Images are representative of product, each item is handmade and handcrafted and may have minor variances
.040" boiler bottom
.032" boiler sides and cone
Tig welded bottom and sides and cone seam
cone silver bearing soldered to boiler
.032" head
1" lyne arm
15.3 gallons to bottom of cone

.040" bottom and top
.032" sides
all tig welded
pipes soldered in
2" fill port
4.2 gallon capacity

1/2" x 10 feet
20.0z worm bucket
4.7 gallon capacity

Bypassable thumper design

All clamps, gaskets and caps included,
1/2" drain valve in boiler included
Thermometer included

MODULAR HEAD 15 gallon Traditional Burner style